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  • [Anh văn] Các bài luận tiếng Anh

    Một số bài luận tiếng anh, dành cho bạn nào cần.

    A description of my family
    Father hawker, mother washerwoman
    A helpful eldest brother
    We are a poor family. They are altogether nine members in my family, including my father and mother. The children are seven in all, four boys and three girls.

    My father is a hawker selling fruits in the streets of Singapore and my mother is washerwoman. My father earns about twenty – five dollars a day and my father is getting about fifty dollars a month. Though poor, ours is a happy family. My parents seldom quarrel and they are thrifty.

    All my brothers and sisters are studying in English schools. My eldest brother Ronnie is studying in secondary four in a government school. He says that he will pass this year, with four good credits at least.

    On school days may brother goes to school by bus and we children are in a nearby primary school not very far from our home.

    During the week-ends my eldest brother helps us with our studies.

    New word:

    - Seldom: rarely (hiếm khi)

    - Thrifty: not to squander or waste (không lãng phí)
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    My family is small. There are only four members in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and I.

    My father is a teacher. He is about forty – five years old. My mother works at home. She is few years younger than my father. My sister goes to school. She is sixteen years old. I am five years old younger than my sister.

    Everyone in my family is good and happy. My father and my mother love my sister and me very much. They buy many things for us. Sometimes they take us to the cinema. They also tell us many interesting stories. Sometimes they help us in our studies.

    Indeed, I love my family very much.
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      My grandfather and grandmother are very old. My grandfather is eighty years old and my grandmother is seventy years old. Both of them are my mother’s parents.

      I like my grandfather very much. He tells me a lot of stories. He also helps me do my school work. My grandmother too loves me very much. She buys me chocolates and sweets. She tells me to be good and obedient to my father and mother.

      During my school holidays I follow my grandparents to my uncle’s house in Vinh. They always advise me to learn well and not to play around too much.

      When I am ready to go to school me grandfather follows me to school and then he goes back home. He wants to see that I am careful on the road. Again I see my grandfather waiting for me at the school gate. He takes me back home.

      I love my grandfather and grandmother very much.
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        MY UNCLE

        My uncle is a soldier. He is my father’s younger brother. He is about thirty years old.

        I do not see my uncle very often. He comes to my house once or twice a year. But I like to see him. He is tall and handsome.

        My uncle is a married man. His wife, my aunt, is a teacher. When my uncle comes to my house, my aunt also comes with him. They have a baby son.

        When my uncle visits us, he brings many presents for me. He also gives me some money. If he stays for a few days with us, he takes me out in his car. He tells me a lot of jokes and stories. He tells me stories about the jungle and the animals in it. I like to listen to his stories.

        Is wish I could see my uncle more often. He is such a nice person.
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          MY AUNT

          I have many aunts. But the aunts I like the most is Miss Mei Lin. She is my mother’s sister. Miss Mei Lin is about twenty years old. She is beautiful and kind. She is a teacher.

          Miss Mei Lin loves children very much. She visits us very often. She takes my brothers, sisters and me to town whenever she has the time. She also tells us many stories to teach us many useful things. She buys sweets and other thing for us. She is always happy. There is always a smile on her face.

          Miss Mei Lin does not get angry easily. If anyone disturbs her, she just smiles. Everyone in my family likes her very much.
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            Có tiếng việt nhưng mình lười gõ. Mà mấy cái này cũng đơn giản mà. Có gì dùng google translate nha!
            Originally posted by choivingok
            Ai hộ qua tiếng việt đi..
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              ABOUT MYSELF

              I am a Vietnamese boy. My name is Tran Hoang Sieu. I am twelve years old. I live at No. 20, Ngo Quyen, Ho Chi Minh city.

              I have two sisters and one brother. My sisters are older than I am. My brother is younger than I. my father is a teacher. My mother works at home. I like them very much.

              I go to school near my house. It is a very large school. I learn English, Mathematics and Science in my school. Of all the lessons, I like English the most.

              I play the few games such as football, badminton and table – tennis. But I like football the most.

              When I grow up I wish to be a teacher. I hope I will get my wish.
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                MY BEST FRIEND

                Who? His name, race, etc.
                His habits, abilities, etc.
                Why I like him
                The end.
                I have many friends of several races. But my best friend is a Chinese boy whose name is Ah Chong.

                Ah Chong is fourteen years old. He lives near my house. He is not only a clever boy but also a good boy.

                Ah Chong’s father is a carpenter. His mother looks after their small shop. They are very hard –working people. They are also very kind to me.

                Ah Chong’s goes to school with me. We are in the same class. He sometimes helps me in my lessons. I too sometimes help him to understand and learn a few difficult lesson.

                After school, Ah Chong and I play some games. Sometimes we go out catch some fish or birds which we really enjoy catching. We often return home very late after out hunting trips and our parents scold us severely. But Ah Chong and I are so interested in this kind of hunting that we cannot give it up.

                Indeed, I enjoy Ah Chong’s company very much.

                New word:

                - Company: to be together like friends (bầu bạn)

                - Difficult: hard to do or understand; not easy (khó khăn)

                - Interested: like very much (quan tâm)

                Race: group of people of the same kind or blood. (dân tộc)
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                  MY BEST FRIEND

                  I have many friends. My best friend is an Indian boy. His name is Ramesh.

                  Ramesh is eleven years old. He lives near my house. We do not go to the same school, yet we are good friends. Ramesh and I meet in the evening every day. We play games together with our other friends. Ramesh is a clever boy. His father is a doctor and his mother is a teacher.

                  Like me, Ramesh likes reading very much. We go to the National Library every Saturday. We read as many books as we can in the library.

                  Ramesh is a wonderful friend.
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                    MY FRIENDS

                    William and Ahmad are my best friends
                    Both of them help me in my studies
                    I have many friends both at school and outside. Of more than the dozen friends that I have, two of them are my close friends. They are my classmate; William and Ahmad.

                    Both of them are very helpful when I’m in doubt in my studies. William always happens to be the first-boy in class and he really takes a lot of pain to help me in understanding things I do not know. He also helps me in doing my homework. Besides this, he spends money on food for me in the school canteen. He likes me and I too like him

                    Ahmad is my second best friend. He helps in my study of the National Language. Although he is a Malay boy, we forget about our racial group when it comes to the study of the National Language. Sometimes, Ahmad comes to my house and spends a few hours in explaining difficult things which I do not understand. He is an honest boy and I like him very much. I hope everyone of my age will agree with me.

                    Remember the proverb, “A man is known by his friends” means we can judge whether a man is good or bad from the friends with whom he mixes.
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                      The definition of proverb
                      Insincere friends are just parasites
                      A true friend
                      The proverb just means that we shall know who our real friends are when we are in need. Those who desert us when we are in difficulties are just unfaithful friends.

                      A true friend would remain with us whether we are rich or poor. Some people befriend the rich, simply for the sake of getting benefits from them.

                      It is useless to have insincere friends, we may have hundreds of such friends, but these friends shall remain with us as long as we are rich or powerful. It is better to have one or two good friends rather than having hundreds of insincere ones.

                      A true friend will stand by us in our trials and tribulations. He will be the greatest source of consolation and comfort in our adversities. So we must be careful in choosing our friends. It is difficult to choose a sincere friend overnight as it take years for us to find a sincere friend.

                      - Benefit, help

                      - Adversities – troubles

                      - Overnight – in short time

                      - Befriend – make friend

                      Trials and tribulations – difficulties
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                        MY NEIGHBOURS

                        I have many neighbours. Some of them are teacher, some are workers and some are office staff.

                        My neighbours are very friendly. They do not quarrel with one another. Most of them are educated and rich. They do not like to take against one another. They do not like to disturb others. They speak softly so that others may not get angry.

                        My neighbours are also helpful to one another. If someone is ill, they call a doctor to attend to him or take him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

                        I am indeed very happy to live with such neighbours.
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                          MY PET

                          Like all girls of my age, I too have a pet. It is a white cat. I call my pet Mary. She is clean and beautiful.

                          Every evening, Mare and I go out for a walk. Sometimes Mary sits on my shoulders while I walk. Sometimes she walks behind me.

                          When we are at home Mare is always near me. If I am busy, Mary does not disturb me. When I am not busy, however, Mary likes to sit on my lap. Mary is such a good cat that even the dogs around my house like her.

                          I am indeed proud of my pet Mary.
                          (còn tiếp)
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