Infonam đang tìm iOS dev, <=1 năm kinh nghiệm, anh/chị/em nào đang tìm việc hoặc quen ai đang tìm việc thì liên hệ mình nhé:nhung.nguyenntb (skype), Cảm ơn cả nhà nhiều.
An project for US market
At least 6 months experience with iOS and/or Android development.
● Had apps submitted to Google Play or App Store is a plus
● Good knowledge at OOP.
● Experience in XCode and/or Android SDK, Java. Eclipse/Android Studio.
● Experience in Swift is a plus
● Understanding of XML/JSON based RESTful APIs
● Experience with Asynchronous programming, SQLite and frameworks, Map Location / Sensors, Push Notification and social frameworks is a plus
● High logical thinking ability skills.
● Good organizational skills with great attention to detail.
● Experience working in agile environments (using e.g. Scrum) is a plus.