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[HCM] Tuyển Unity Developer Fulltime/Internship

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  • [HCM] Tuyển Unity Developer Fulltime/Internship


    We are looking for ambitious youths to join us in our journey to the west. The journey will be hard, dangerous and very crazy. That's why we only seek for the strong, brave and crazy one. Give up now if you're not those men.

    Every adventures need equipments, and in this special journey, you must have these things:
    - Character class: Programmer. No we do not accept any other class, at least in this article!
    - Minimum level: 1. You do not need work experience, but it's nice to have.
    - Weapon: Good Programming skill, knowing Unity before hand is a big plus.
    - Courier: A laptop to work on. We only provide PC if you are exceptional good .

    That's it, those are our requirements, and also, it will be nice if you have one (or more) of these followings:
    - Armor: Read and understand this article without help from any one. Spotting and correcting any mistake in this article is a big plus.
    - Shield: Know how to use basic git commands to commit/push/pull. If you do not, fret not, it took 15 minutes to learn.
    - Race: human/elf/half-breed aka good attitude. We do not want barbaric member in our team. If you are a barbarian, but you are good and promise not to hurt any body in our team, then it's ok.

    Soooo many requirements, it makes you wonder what you will receive from us, right? Here are our humble offers:
    - A small amount of gold each month (3.000.000 vnd)
    - Food expense for lunchs with us (~30.000 vnd/work-day)
    - Fight real mobs (work on real projects, make mini-games)

    Still not convinced? Try these:
    - Our address: 2bis Minh Khai st, Dakao, First District. (
    - Not-too-shabby office, with a bus stop directly at our front door (we are here: with bus stop for 05,06,14,19,42,52)
    - A 2-week training course before working
    - A chance to be our official member after your internship expired (depends on your performance)

    If you're interested, and want to join, please send your email to with the followings:
    - A little information about you, with name, contact details.
    - A little introduction in English or Vietnamese about you, and why do you want to join us.
    - 0 CV please, we don't want to open *.docx or *.pdf files
    - (optional) a real mini-project you made yourself, *.zip, *.7z or *.rar only. Preferably Unity projects.

    if you read till this sentence, cool, we need member like you, who want to understand exactly and fully what it's all about, not some summary short sentences bs. We will be happy to work with you.

    Please note, our deadline for applicants is 16 March 2017. After that day, we will send out invites for suitable candidates and will begin to interview from 20 March 2017. Newly recruits will have to join in a training from 27 March and began the journey ONLY AFTER the training is completed (food expenses are only paid AFTER you completed your training).

    Any questions, suggestions or complains, please send to our email, our mobile-phones are all out of battery.
    Thank you for reading.
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    Còn 3 ngày nữa là hết hạn nộp hồ sơ nhé cả nhà


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      Em đọc thì cũng đọc hết rồi đó ) cũng hiểu đủ để hơi run :v
      Được cái không cần CV :3. Cơ mà thực tập cũng fulltime ạ?


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        Originally posted by 13521063 View Post
        Em đọc thì cũng đọc hết rồi đó ) cũng hiểu đủ để hơi run :v
        Được cái không cần CV :3. Cơ mà thực tập cũng fulltime ạ?
        Thực tập part-time được, nhưng do bên anh hiện tại chỉ có 3 slot nên nếu part-time thì phải
        a) kỹ năng code tốt
        b) đảm bảo hiệu quả công việc

        còn không bên anh ưu tiên fulltime hơn
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