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[Internship][Data Science/Full Stack] Seedcom Group (the owner of The Coffee House, Juno, SCommerce - Giao Hàng Nhanh & Ahamove, and 5 other subsidiaries)

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  • [Internship][Data Science/Full Stack] Seedcom Group (the owner of The Coffee House, Juno, SCommerce - Giao Hàng Nhanh & Ahamove, and 5 other subsidiaries)

    SeedCom Internship


    Seedcom - Create an impact for Vietnam

    SeedCom is Vietnam's first and only New Retail group with integrated and synergistic online and offline retail empowered by logistics and technology to create a significant competitive advantage. Our portfolio companies are SCommerce (Giao Hàng Nhanh, Ahamove), The Coffee House, Haravan, Juno, HNoss, Cau Dat Farm, King Food, KiotViet, iPOS. These portfolio companies have rapidly established themselves as industry leaders, either as No. 1 or No. 2 in the respective segments.

    Seedcom comprises veteran entrepreneurs with credentials of building startups from zero into combined multiple-billion enterprises. E.g. Đinh Anh Huân (Chairman) are co-founders of Mobile World (Thế Giới Di Động), Con Cưng (Việt Nam’s #1 Baby Product Retailer) or early investor of Tiki. Nguyễn Hoành Tiến (CEO) was the former VP of Operations and e-Commerce at VNG, a leading digital content and online entertainment player in Vietnam.

    Seedcom heavily invested in superior technology & analytics to operate a differentiated user-centric model, e.g. data analytics, artificial intelligence, highly optimized algorithms to solve challenging real-time, large scale and high-performance problems.

    Seedcom has built a synergic technology team of top-notch Engineers, Researchers and Senior Scientists with PhD/MSc degrees from reputable Universities/Institutes in Vietnam (Silver Medal of Computer Science & Engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Top 1 of Information System at the University of Information Technology), Singapore (Eg. National University of Singapore; Singapore Government Agency for Science, Research and Technology), Korea (Chonnam National University), UK (Eg. University of Hull) and the US (Eg. University of Houston, University of Vermont) and from reputable companies (Former Senior Data Scientist @ Lazada, VNG)

    We strive to be the icon of new retail in South East Asia.

    We are looking for talented Fresher/Intern in at least one area of Infrastructure, Data, AI, Micro-service, Front-end to join our technology team to deliver high-quality AI-assisted solutions focusing on New Retail:

    • Solve business problems using software, specifically learning and trained modern technologies (Infrastructure, Data, AI, API service, Front-end) such as tools like Kubernetes, Istio, Kafka, GCS, BigQuery, TensorFlow, PyTorch, SKLearn, Redis, Node.js, Django, Docker, REST/GraphQL APIs, SuperSet, ReactJS, Redux, and JavaScript
    • Write and deploy production-grade software that is maintainable and readable by other software developers
    • Take general requirements from the business and turn into actionable items for the team

    WORKING LOCATION: Our office is located at Level 64, Bitexco Financial Tower, District 1. You are flexible to come to the office or work anywhere you prefer as long as you can generate good results.

    WORKING HOUR: You decide: the more you want to grow, the longer you need to commit.

    • Monthly allowance for Intern: 5,000,000 VND (For Fresher, we discuss separately)
    • Team trip upon availability.

    DURATION: We do not only look for 3 or 6 months intern. We are looking for team members with long-term commitment with us, starting from now.

    • No requirement on experiences of the above modern technologies. We will train you from scratch if you want to learn any of the above technologies.
    • Strong programing/software development portfolio or Strong academic record (Please list Top 5 subjects with grades you are proud of, for example: Data Structures and Algorithms, Maths, Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, etc.)
    • Fast learning capabilities

    • For students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study
    • Awards/Prizes of Programing Competitions/Challenges
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to Learn and Grow (Need supporting facts)
    • Dream Big (Need supporting facts)


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    Dạ bên mình còn tuyển không ạ?


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      Bên chị hiện tại vẫn đang nhận CV, và tùy vào CV bên chị sẽ xem xét bạn nào phù hợp để liên hệ. Khi nào bên chị chọn được đủ bạn phù hợp, bên chị sẽ close job update trên post này.

      Em quan tâm job hay công ty thì gửi CV cho chị Tú nhé!


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        Anh/chị ơi, em có gửi thông tin ứng tuyển cho phía công ty ấy ạ.

        Em cảm ơn anh/chị.


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          Các bạn gửi CV theo contact trên thì chị Tú đều phản hồi khi nhận được nhé!


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            Các post cũ mình đóng, post/topic này mình vẫn nhận CV tiếp nhé các bạn!


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              Xin chào các bạn SV UIT!

              Do số lượng CV ứng tuyển khá nhiều, và bên mình đã tìm đủ ứng viên ưng ý cho các vị trí thực tập nên mình ngưng nhận CV vị trí này nhé! Nếu có nhu cầu tuyển thêm sẽ thông tin sau.