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Công ty Elotus Q3 tuyển React Junior, lương từ $500

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  • Công ty Elotus Q3 tuyển React Junior, lương từ $500

    Chào các bạn.

    Mình cần tuyển 2 Frontend junior về React làm full-time tại công ty Elotus Q3, lương từ $500+, đặc biệt pass qua vòng phỏng vấn thì đi làm luôn và được trả ngay 1/2 tháng lương, công ty thường xuyên có code tour ở Đà Lạt, Đà Nẵng để thay đổi không khí làm việc và có cơ hội làm onsite bên Singapore.

    JD như sau:

    # eLotus Job Description

    ## About the job

    ELotus is a business technology partner, focused on building technological innovations for leading enterprises. We focus on enterprise SaaS products that automate the manual processes and digitise the analogue records and documentation for our clients.

    Our team's small each one is a strong developer in some fields. Technologies we're using for the FrontEnd:
    - ReactJS, React Native, Typescript
    - Github CI/CD
    - Kubernetes for the backend

    As a Frontend Engineer, you will:
    - Write reusable, testable code. Unit tests are required for critical code path.
    - Maintain the shared libraries, infrastructure that's used in all the products.
    - Responsible for live issues, troubleshooting.

    Other benefits:
    - No micro-management bullshit. We will trust each other that everyone will
    commit to the success of the team.

    ## Minimum qualifications
    - 2 years into software development with minimum 1-year experience with front-end development frameworks such as Angular or React or React Native.
    - Experience in creating custom UI
    - Use Unix system and development tools efficiently (You should know more than 15 git subcommands, and common shortcuts of your daily tools).

    ## Preferred qualifications
    - Experience with SASS/LESS
    - Native Android experience nice to have
    - Native iOS experience nice to have
    - Strong algorithm and data structure knowledge
    - Deep understanding of common topics: RESTful, HTTP, parallel processing, DOM, browser rendering engines, UI responsive, websocket, caching, ...
    - Contributed to some open source projects

    CV xin gửi về, cc mail

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