Job Description:

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Assigned as a software developer to join our growing team and help generate solutions to address and meet various requirements and needs.

· Design and implement solutions.

· Actively listen to client problems and needs to implement that information when creating solution plans.

· Act as a contributing member of the project team from project inception to completion.


· Good experience with .NET. Having experiences related to Out Systems Platform, Low-code development platform is a PLUS

· Good knowledge about software development process (CMM/CMMI).

· Good knowledge and experience working with big enterprise applications.

· Good presentation & collaboration

. TOEIC 600+ or IELTS 6.0

. Candidates can work full-time from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

  • Opportunity to become an official employee
  • Participate in training programs, soft skills,… to adapt to work requirement
  • F-Town Campus provides many facilities for FPT employees such as football ground, basketball & volleyball, gym center, restaurant, cafeteria, etc.
  • Company shuttle buses provide a convenient way of transportation for all employees.
  • Achieve internship certificate


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