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Kỹ sư quản lý chất lượng sản phẩm (QA) với khả năng giao tiếp bằng tiếng Hàn

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  • Kỹ sư quản lý chất lượng sản phẩm (QA) với khả năng giao tiếp bằng tiếng Hàn


    YouthDev đang tìm kiếm kỹ sư kiểm thử có khả năng và năng lực để đảm nhiệm nhiệm vụ kiểm thử ứng dụng phần mềm trên thiết bị di động hoặc website.

    Ứng viên sẽ có cơ hội làm việc trong môi trường năng động, tiếp xúc trực tiếp với product owner và người dùng đầu cuối, cơ hội để tham gia vào những dự phát triển sản phẩm thực sự.

    Kỹ năng và kinh nghiệm:
    • Ưu tiên ứng viên có kinh nghiệm tại vị trí Tester hoặc hiểu biết về Testing.
    • Có khả năng lập kế hoạch kiểm thử và viết các trường hợp kiểm thử.
    • Khả năng nghiên cứu, đam mê học hỏi và sử dụng các công cụ hỗ trợ kiểm tra sản phẩm phần mềm (Manual test và Automation Test) là một lợi thế lớn.
    • Hiểu biết về kiểm thử phần mềm như các giai đoạn kiểm thử (Unit Test, Intergration Test, Functional Test, Systerm Test…) là một lợi thế.
    • Có khả năng đọc hiểu tiếng Anh.
    • Có kinh nghiệm lập trình phần mềm và hiểu biết về lập trình phần mềm, các ngôn ngữ lập trình là một lợi thế lớn.
    • Có khả năng giao tiếp với các đồng nghiệp là kỹ sư phần mềm.
    • Có nhiều kinh nghiệm sử dụng các ứng dụng phần mềm tốt, nổi tiếng trên thế giới (Facebook, AirBnB...) và có hiểu biết về User Experience là lợi thế.

    Why you will love working here?
    • A successful qualified candidate will work with YouthDev team, develop and scale current business. We are using outsourcing and solution to make revenue and reinvest into our team ideas to break the world.
    • Interface with other team to incorporate their innovations and vice versa; Conduct design and code reviews; Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various system resources.
    • We are looking for not only a person who is a super IT developer but also a good business mindset who will be a very successful business man in the not too long distance future that don't want to have only a fixed salary every month in your whole life.
    • Remember, working at YouthDev means that you are developing products and roadmap for yourself not the company.

    How to apply:
    Ứng viên gửi email CV tới địa chỉ:
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    Top 3 Reasons To Join Us
    • A chance for you to take your ideas into effect
    • A chance for your limitless growing day by day
    • We are one of the few real technology companies
    Job Description

    You will be responsible for working with customers and key stakeholders (both internal and external) to develop features for OTT SaaS product (OTT Software as a Service).

    Your future duties and responsibilities:
    • Gather and brainstorm requirements with customers and key stakeholders from different timezones.
    • Research and specify new features and enhancements to existing features. Document the requirements via well defined specifications and review with the team and stakeholders.
    • Analyze and translate customer requirements into Agile story form for implementation by the development team.
    • Come up with wireframe and work with UI/UX designers to come up with the design and design prototype for features.
    • Plan and prioritize features in the product backlog of your product.
    • Manage expectations from multiple stakeholders.
    • Manage product backlog and plan roadmap for the product with requirements from multiple stakeholders.
    • Collaborate with development team, marketing team, operation team, content team, CSs, stakeholders to ensure the smooth operation of your product.
    • Keep up to date with new trends and best practices in product development.
    • Follow up with the industry and the competitors of your product.

    Your Skills and Experience

    • 2+ years of experience working as a Product Owner or Technical Business Analyst.
    • 2+ years of experience working in Agile & product environments.
    • Strong experience in analyzing functional / non-functional / technical requirement, designing wireframe and writing agile user stories.
    • Experience in backlog management and roadmap planning.
    • Experience in cross-team collaboration (engineering, marketing, CSs, stakeholders) to ensure the success of your product.
    • Demonstrate an effective communication skills at work.
    • Be detail-oriented, goal-focused and outcome-driven person.
    • Experience with non-functional / technical aspects & requirements, i.e. security, performance, and scalability.
    • Good analytical, organizational, multi-tasking and time management skills.
    • Understand the principles of good UI/UX designs and usability.
    • Good english speaking skills and strong english reading & writing skills.

    • Experience in design & prototype tools (Figma, UXPin, Framer) is a plus.
    • Having Product Management / Scrum Product Owner certificate is a plus.
    • Having resourcefulness skills is a big plus.
    • Having good interpersonal skills (Communication, Negotiation, Persuasion, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Conflict Resolution & Mediation) is a big plus.
    • Having continuous learning mindset and book reading habit is a big plus.
    • Experience with large-scale system and web applications is a big plus.
    • Experience in SaaS product development and operation is a big plus.
    • Experience in understanding and derive actionable plans from business metrics and analytics data is a big plus.
    • Experience in defining business metrics / analytics data and making data-driven decisions is a big plus.
    • Experience in working with and managing expectations from multiple stakeholders with different (and sometimes conflicting) priorities is a big plus.

    Why You'll Love Working Here
    • High ownership and autonomy.
    • Open, young and flexible environments.
    • Growth & improvement focused environment.
    • Young and fun teammates.
    • An environment that is open to changes, feedbacks and improvements.
    • Unlimited sick leaves.

    How to apply:
    Applicant please send your CV to:
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