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SNP - MES Developer, IoT business developer, Machine Learning Manager,...

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  • SNP - MES Developer, IoT business developer, Machine Learning Manager,...

    Esprinta (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. specializes in garment manufacturing and is the key supplier for international apparel brands including Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Lululemon, REI....
    Esprinta (Vietname) is under Sportscity International group, which owns 3 facilities in Vietnam, includes Esprinta (Vietnam) located in Song Than II industrial zone with 6,500 employees,

    Sprinta (Vietnam) located in Linh Trung II indurstrial zone with 1,500 workers and the newly established facility called SNP located in VSIP 2 with 3,500 workers once done expansion.

    Our cultures and values do not only focus on innovative technology and production techniques but also employee empowerment and workplace professionalism.

    1. MES Developer/Programmer (5 people)

    Job Responsibility:
    • MES development
    • Architecting of extensions and enhancements to existing system
    • Effectively monitor and respond to problems with MES computer systems and equipment
    • Analyze the root cause of recurring system issues
    • Introduce new technology to upgrade MES
    Required Skills, Attributes & Education:
    • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or Information Technology
    • Minimum 3 years' development experience using C# and developing management system
    • Minimum 2 years' experience using SQL / PLSQL
    • Experience with both and Win forms
    • Prior MES & HMI experience
    • Relevant certifications strongly preferred
    • Experience in a manufacturing environment and automation development is a plus
    • Server or Database administration experience is a plus
    • PLC knowledge a plus

    2. Manager, Automation (3 people)
    Job Description
    1. Identify opportunities to automation workflow and production processes in order to lead the team toward smart factory target.
    2. Partner with automation suppliers and internal teams, such as production and quality to deploy off-the-shelf solutions or evaluate existing automation solutions.
    3. Conduct return-on-investment(ROI) and limitation study of those possible ideas.
    4. Continually study and keep updated Industry best practices on automation solutions, production, and process workflow.
    5. Implement and initiate projects that are feasible for cost reduction and efficiency & quality enhancement through automation and integration with CPS of the company.
    1. At least 5 years’ experience working as automation chief/lead engineer or machine design.
    2. Extensive experience in Ethernet communications between machine PLCs and database systems and Industrial Internet of Things is a must.
    3. Having executed leadership and supervisory roles for at least 3 years.
    4. Working Experience implementing data collection architecture for Industrial Internet of Things.
    5. Fluent in English; basic conversational Mandarin is a plus but not necessary.
    6. Mechanical / electrical / automation engineering or related degree. Master or PhD is a plus.
    7. Knowledge of DCS/PLC/SCADA systems, MES systems, industrial Ethernet and software coding.

    3. Senior IoT Architect (IoT business designer/developer/System Integration Engineer) – 5 people
    Job Description
    1. Perform IoT solution architect function such as, IoT top-down design and infrastructure design.
    2. Build up a platform/infrastructure to support the function of IIoT in a manufacturing scenario.
    3. Equip internal and external machine development with data collection and upload function.
    4. Compose correspondent design report, technical standard and technical documentation.
    5. Conduct technical support and maintenance of the IoT system of the group.
    6. Work with external suppliers/vendors and decide the best feasible solution for IoT related field.
    1. Master or PhD degree in computer science, communication, automation, internet technology or the like.
    2. IoT business designer and full stack developer experience is an advantage.
    3. At least 5 year’s experience in IoT related field such as sensor network, smart devices, device integration and knowledge in IoT latest trend and developments.
    4. In-depth knowledge in M2M, IIoT, big data, network protocols and standards, internet security, j2ee, web service, SOA, DNS and so on.
    5. UI/UX experience is a plus.
    6. English communication skill is a must.

    4. Automation Engineer (Machine Design / PLC)
    Job Description
    1. Design UX/UI, HMI, PLC programming, automation control of mechatronic and signal processing.
    2. Utilize CAD, CAM, CNC, NC, industrial robots, AGV, automatic warehouse to achieve full automation production.
    3. Install, test, refine, maintain, troubleshoot various automation control system for specific application.
    4. Plan and monitor the development, installation, function, and maintenance of automation system and equipment.
    5. Compose SOP of automation equipment and ensure the implementation.
    1. Experienced successful automation projects. Eg. Robots, AGV, Material loading/unloading automation conveyor.
    2. Minimum 3 years’ experience in automation design and motion systems in manufacturing company.
    3. Familiar with 3D software design tool: ACAD, SOLIWORKS, Pro-E, CATIA, NX, INVENTER.
    4. Have in-depth knowledge of PLC system, PLC programming languages, motor servo control /SCADA applications, sensors, BOM.
    5. Working Experience implementing data collection architecture for Industrial Internet of Things.
    6. In depth knowledge of Electrical Standards (NFPA79, National Electric code, UL508A).
    7. In depth knowledge of Safety standards (ANSI/RIA15.06, OSHA).
    8. Advanced proficiency programming industrial equipment:
    l Ladder logic PLCs (Allen Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix and RSLogix 5000)
    l Safety PLCs (Allen Bradley ControlLogix, SmartGuard)
    l Human Machine Interface (HMI / GUI - AB Panelview, FactoryTalk, LabView, Ignition)
    l Field bus Networks (AB DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Safety rated field bus networks)
    l Serial communication (RS-232) between PLCs and instruments
    l Ethernet communications between machine PLCs and database systems
    l Strong knowledge of communication protocols (Modbus, Ethernet, CAN, Profibus)
    9. Bachelors or higher degrees of Automation, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or the like.
    10. Proficient in English.

    5. Automation Software, Integration & Machine Vision Engineer (ASI)
    Job Description
    1. Design and document the system hardware and software and integrate into a fully validated manufacturing cell. Major focus is on software that integrates the individual components into a system.
    2. Identify key system components and develop data acquisition systems & process control for automated testing and calibration.
    3. Work with PLC and Design Engineers in new machine development initiatives for better HMI. Define and execute test plans for software and process.
    4. Devise database and algorithms for statistical process control and optimization.
    5. Machine vision & AOI algorithm design and application.
    1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, IT, MIS or related field.
    2. 3 years’ experience as Automation, Software or Manufacturing Engineer and developing C++ software, SQL server and machine vision development.
    3. Working knowledge with electromechanical systems (pneumatic controls, safety interlocks, actuators, etc).
    4. Possess test system & serial communication protocols development experience and knowledge in LabView programming.
    5. Proficient in English.

    6. Manager, Machine Learning/Data Scientist
    Job Description
    1. Leading team to research, design, develop and/or maintain digital decision and optimization of a manufacturing process and business from scratch. The team will consist of data analyst, frontend engineer, data engineer.
    2. Selecting and integrating any Machine/Deep Learning tools and frameworks required to provide requested capabilities.
    3. Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes.
    1. Ph.D. or M.S. degree from a top university in Machine Learning, Expert Systems, or Artificial Intelligence.
    2. Machine learning related working experience at top tier companies.
    3. Have on-hand machine learning experience in resolving realistic large-scale machine learning projects.
    4. Industrial experiences in machine to machine, AI, expert system, game theory, MCTS, deep learning related projects are a big plus.
    5. Proficient in C++ or Python programming; Knowledge of database or parallel computation is a plus.
    6. Experience with time-series data analysis is a plus.
    7. Advanced knowledge of ML techniques (such as SVMs, boosting, and deep learning) and ML concepts (such as overfitting, bias-variance tradeoff, and regularization)
    8. Possess good English language skills

    7. Machine Learning/Data Scientist
    Job Description
    1. Extract, analyze, and apply data-mining and machine learning techniques to large structured and unstructured datasets from a manufacturing scenario.
    2. Design, develop and test large-scale data science pipeline and machine learning algorithms; develop new algorithms and models for improvement.
    3. Implement the tools and services, handling performance, scale, availability, accuracy and monitoring.
    4. Create interactive dashboards and unique data visualizations (for visual management and digital decision).
    1. Bachelor in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
    2. Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, Python, R, Scala, or Go.
    3. Experience with modern ML frameworks such as scikit-learn, mahout, libsvm, MLlib (in Spark), torch, theano, tensorflow, etc.
    4. Experience with visualization tools such as d3, matplotlib, ggplot.
    5. Strong background in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence.
    6. Knowledge of ML techniques (such as SVMs, boosting, and deep learning) and ML concepts (such as overfitting, bias-variance tradeoff, and regularization)
    7. Experience working with machine learning systems (SVM, HMM, Neural Network), deep learning and implementing large-scale data science pipeline, machine learning algorithms is an advantage.
    8. English communication skill is a must.

    Sending application form and one pager CV to the email: / 

    If you have any concern regarding this program, please contact us via:
    Telephone: (+84) 274 3737161, then press #1129 (Ms. Hanh- HR manager; Ms. Uyen - Recruitment executive)